Track Fiends | Good Times, Lap Times

We created Track Fiends because we wanted to take the intimidation and minefield that is automotive out of the game.

Why? It's because we felt this way as consumers, looking for the most direct way to get the products we wanted. We are blessed with easily findable platforms for other areas of our life, be it clothing, furniture or tech, why does looking for something like a 6-point harness have to be so difficult?

Simplifying the process, bringing into the digital age, accessible for everyone with the information readily available for you to make the right decision on what you want, that is the goal.

We'll keep the catalog straightforward, a product range that doesn't dive too deep into specifics for particular vehicles, but encompasses options that an owner of a new BMW M4 can appreciate as much as the K-Swap EK builder.

Track Fiends will become the destination for the simple solutions and additions to your motorsport experience.

Watch this space!